"You have to give up the life you've planned in order to have the one that's waiting for you."

— Joseph Campbell


Kelly Johnston, M.A.

I'm a bilingual (English/Spanish) Integrative Health counselor and consultant, specializing in diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

A series of consecutive life shocks in which “the worst thing that could ever happen” became “the best thing that ever happened” launched me on a marvelous and miraculous odyssey of healing and happiness —one that I continue to delight in every day.

Kelly Guevara

I believe that health is a unique and gently fluctuating balance of everything we take in, give out, hold onto and let go of in our physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental realms.

I believe that life can be magical and that good health and happiness are our right and our responsibility.

My work is my devotion and my clients are my joy.