When you change your world, the whole world changes.

Every day our world accelerates and expands at a dizzying pace. We’re inundated by MORE... more images, more information, more opinions, options, opportunities, responsibilities... more stress. We’re swept up in the onslaught and, as good Pavlovian humans, we respond by diving right in.

We end up overwhelmed, wondering why we’re so often sick or exhausted, our relationships don’t work, we can’t get ahead financially, our bodies betray us, and increasingly, life seems like such a trial. Understandably, we seek refuge, yet very often our means of doing so—overindulging in everything from alcohol to food to sex to cyberspace—comes in ways that only exacerbate the imbalance and contribute to a growing state of dissatisfaction and disease.


qué hacemos

What to do?

The pursuit of Integrative Health is a way to break the narcotic and debilitating cycle of sensory, psycho-emotional, and physical overload, and reclaim our joy, energy, love, fascination, spirit and desire for life. It is both a philosophy and a practice —a way to surf every wave of our crazybeautifulchaotic world and truly, fully enjoy our time here.

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“We know truth, not only by reason but also by heart.” – Blaise Pascal

This article was just recently published in the wonderful NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health (http://www.namahjournal.com/)Please check

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